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Wahl Hair dryer – 2000 watts 5454-027


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Short information:

Brand: Wahl
Type: Hair dryer
Color: gold
Wattage: 2000 watts
Power source: electric cord
Recommended uses of the product: Smoothing
Hair type: All

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10 in stock

    The Wall Hair Dryer is the perfect styling tool for anyone looking for a powerful, high-performance hair dryer.
  • Thanks to its power of 2000 watts
  • This dryer ensures that you dry your hair quickly and effectively.
  • It has a variety of features that make it ideal for all hair types.
  • 2000W power: Ensures fast and effective hair drying.
  • Multiple heat settings: You can choose the right temperature for your hair type and styling needs.
  • Cold air setting: helps set the style and keep the hair healthy.
  • ION TECHNOLOGY: Reduces electrostatic frizz and keeps hair soft and healthy.
  • Air Condensing Nozzle: Helps direct air for increased accuracy and better results.
  • Removable filter: facilitates cleaning and prevents dirt build-up.
  • Long cord: Provides you freedom of movement while styling.
  • Elegant and modern design: Looks great on your dressing table.
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