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Warranty policy

All electronic devices have a warranty for at least two years, except for accessories.
-Except for Apple products (Accessory Warranty: One Year), other electronics hardware accessories are warranted for a period of six (6) months from the date of receiving the product. –
To take advantage of the warranty services, please make sure that the original invoice for the product is present in order to verify the serial number and the validity of the warranty period (the device warranty card must be provided, if available).
Warranty and maintenance services provided by the agent are not considered the responsibility of Dokkaner, including the availability of spare parts, repair time and quality of service, and the customer must communicate directly with the agent in the event of any complaint or claim.
The warranty covers the service of repair or replacement of spare parts free of charge in the event of a manufacturing defect. The warranty does not mean the replacement of the product or the return of its value. Malfunctions resulting from:
– Misuse of the product or non-compliance with the instructions for use in the product manual or the instructions referred to on the Internet and digital pages when activating the device.
– Breaks, blows, cuts, or exposure of the product to external factors such as liquids, moisture, or high heat.
– Attempts to repair or maintain operations by parties not approved by the agent, or to use spare parts not approved by the Standards and Metrology Authority. – Scanning of operating system files, partitions of the hard disk, or malfunctions caused by viruses.

Saudi Consumer Protection Rights Guide