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Tasnim White Musk Perfume For Women- 75ML


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Brand : Tasnim
Gender : Unisex
Product Type: Perfume
Character : Natural
Fragrance Family : Woody
Size : 75 ml
Ingredients : Musk, White Flowers, Vanilla
Concentration : Eau de Parfum

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32 in stock

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A Fragrance for Everyone
• Tasnim’s fragrance is designed for both men and women, emphasizing the universality of the scent. It’s a testament to the idea that beauty knows no gender and that fragrance should be inclusive and open to all.

The Essence of Nature
• In a world of synthetic scents, Tasnim stands apart by embracing the natural character of fragrances. The woody fragrance family embodies the raw, earthy, and organic aromas of the great outdoors. When you wear Tasnim, you’re not just wearing a perfume; you’re carrying a piece of nature with you.

The Perfect Size
• This Eau de Parfum comes in a generous 75 ml bottle, ensuring you have enough to indulge in your favorite scent whenever you desire. It’s the ideal size for daily wear or special occasions.

Pure and Natural Ingredients
• Tasnim’s fragrance is composed of the finest ingredients. The combination of musk, white flowers, and vanilla creates a harmonious symphony of scents. Musk adds depth and sensuality, white flowers bring a touch of floral elegance, and vanilla adds a sweet, warm note. It’s a fragrance that embodies the richness of the natural world.

Eau de Parfum Concentration
• Eau de Parfum is renowned for its higher concentration of fragrance oils, offering a longer-lasting and more intense aroma. With Tasnim, you can expect a scent that lingers throughout the day, providing a subtle and captivating allure.

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