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Sondos The little inventor of magnetic cubes 36 pieces


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Short information:

Brand: Sondos
Description: Little inventor
Age: +3 years
Material: metal and plastic
Number of pieces: 36 pieces
Dimensions: 40 x 8 x 30 cm
Weight per piece: 0.85 kg

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10 in stock

    The blocks provide an opportunity for children to explore science concepts through handson experiments.
  • Blocks help develop design and creativity skills by creating various shapes and structures.
  • Cubes contribute to developing engineering skills by building and assembling different shapes.
  • The blocks encourage logical thinking and problem solving as they are assembled into complex structures.
  • The cubes come with enough magnetic strength to stick together firmly and stably.
  • Attractive and inspiring colors, which increases their appeal to children.
  • Children can easily separate and connect the cubes, adding to the fun and interaction.
  • The cubes are made of safe and sturdy materials to ensure durability and sustainability.
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