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Sondos The electronic book of Arabic vocabulary


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Short information:

Brand: Sondos
Description: Educational book
Language :Arabic
Target group: 3+ years
Material type: Plastic
Objective: Stimulate the child’s abilities

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10 in stock

    Explore the world of the Arabic language in an innovative way with Sondos, the leading ebook for learning Arabic vocabulary.
  • Sondos combines attractive and interactive design, offering a unique digital interface that combines beauty and practical functionality.
  • Inspirational charts and bright colors make vocabulary learning an unforgettable experience for young readers.
  • Sondos covers a wide range of topics and vocabulary, from animals and fruits to games and colours.
  • The gradual arrangement of topics allows children to learn in a logical and organized manner, promoting better vocabulary comprehension.
  • Sondos encourages active participation through interactive exercises, games, and questions.
  • Children can tap, drag and engage in stimulating experiences, promoting learning in an interesting and fun way.
  • Sondos includes voice guidance technology to help children pronounce vocabulary correctly.
  • Voice technology provides precise guidance and effectively enhances pronunciation comprehension.
  • Sondos can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices, making it easy for children to access
  • Sondos offers interactive content that allows children to actively engage in the learning process.
  • Interactive activities help enhance vocabulary comprehension and enhance language skills.
  • Sondos provides assessment tools to track children’s progress and identify areas that need strengthening
  • This aspect helps in providing a learning experience tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Sondos Arabic Vocabulary EBook is a rich and enjoyable resource for learning the language
  • It combines authenticity and modernity to provide a unique and stimulating learning experience.
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