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Sondos The distinctive electronic book for teaching children


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Brand: Sondos
Description: Distinctive ebook
Age: +3 years
Book size: 1X33X38 cm
Language: Arabic and English
Power: battery

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10 in stock

    Sondos represents innovation and uniqueness in the world of ebooks intended for children’s education.
  • A distinctive ebook that offers a unique learning experience, as it combines interaction and entertainment to provide an effective and enjoyable learning environment.
  • Sondos comes with a unique and inspiring design that combines bright colors and attractive illustrations, encouraging children’s interaction and making the learning process inspiring.
  • The ebook contains advanced interactive elements that allow children to interact with the content effectively, contributing to enhancing interaction and participation.
  • Sondos covers a wide range of educational topics, from letters and numbers to vocabulary and educational stories
  • The book is distinguished by providing a clear and attractive voice that contributes to stimulating understanding and effective language learning through interaction with texts and images.
  • The book contains educational games that enhance children’s skills in different fields, making the learning process fun and motivating.
  • The book provides individual guidance by presenting various challenges and interactive questions, helping to meet the needs of each child individually.
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