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Sondos Religious Competition Cards Children


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Short information:

Brand: Sondos
Description: Smart little religious competitions
Age: all
Material: cardboard
Quantity: Each box contains 50 cards

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10 in stock

    The game covers topics such as stories of the prophets, Islamic information, stories of the Qur’an
  • Stories animals mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, a map of the Prophet’s biography, and stories of the companions of the Messenger of God.
  • The game contributes to enhancing knowledge of religious stories and concepts.
  • The design of the questions aims to stimulate religious thinking and reflection.
  • Children and adults can interact directly with religious concepts by answering questions.
  • The game is designed in an easytounderstand language that suits all ages.
  • The game suits everyone, making it suitable for individuals and families.
  • Topics: Space and the universe, planet Earth, wonders of science, animal wonders, plant wonders, the human body
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