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Sondos English letters mat, play and learn


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Short information:

Brand: Sondos
Description: English letters mat
Dimensions: 38x32x7 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Age: +4 years
Feature: Interactive

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10 in stock

    Sondos offers a fun and innovative educational mat for learning English letters for children.
  • The mat provides an interactive learning experience, blending fun and learning creatively
  • The ideal way to enhance children’s reading and writing skills in an inspiring way.
  • Sondos rug is designed with bright colors and attractive drawings that attract children’s attention.
  • Inspiring graphics enhance engagement and make the learning process fun and exciting.
  • The rug includes a set of interactive games that help children learn letters in an entertaining way.
  • Sondos Mat has additional resources such as educational cards and interactionbased activities that contribute to developing children’s linguistic understanding
  • The English letter mat contributes to developing children’s reading and writing skills.
  • Sondos rug can be used in homes and schools,It is compatible with various learning styles.
  • The English Letter Mat allows children to learn the language independently and motivatingly, as it encourages independence in learning letters and words.
  • The mat provides assessment tools that help parents and teachers monitor the child’s progress in learning letters and identify areas that need additional development.
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