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Shield Microfiber Car Cleaning and Polishing Towels Double-Sided Thick Super Absorbent – 3 Pieces


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Brand: shield
Category: car
Made of: microfiber
Model number: SH163

34.00 SAR 68.00 SAR

10 in stock

• The perfect companion for your car care routine. Crafted with precision and designed to elevate your car detailing experience, this microfiber towel is a testament to quality and innovation.
• Say goodbye to ordinary car wash routines and embrace the superior cleaning power of microfiber. The Shield Towels Microfiber Car Wash is not just a towel; it’s a game-changer in the world of car care.
• The microfiber material ensures a gentle touch on your vehicle’s surface while efficiently lifting dirt and grime.
• With vibrant and colorful options, this towel not only delivers exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of style to your car care arsenal. Choose a towel that not only performs but also complements your personality and flair.
• Elevate your car detailing game with the Shield Towels Microfiber Car Wash – SH163. Because your car deserves nothing but the best in care, and Shield delivers just that.

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