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Shield Car Care Polyshield Sealant – 500 ML


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Brand: Shield
Type: Car Detailing Products
To be used on Cars only

27.00 SAR 54.00 SAR

10 in stock

• Long-Lasting Protection & Shine: This product offers extended protection and a lasting, brilliant shine, ensuring that your surfaces remain in top condition for an extended period.
• UV Protection: It is specially formulated to provide effective UV protection, safeguarding surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun, such as fading and deterioration.
• Durable Lasting Protection: The protection it offers is highly durable, capable of withstanding various environmental factors and maintaining the quality of surfaces.
• Hydrophobic Water Beading: It promotes hydrophobic properties, encouraging water to bead and roll off surfaces, which helps in keeping them clean and enhancing their appearance.

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