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Shield Car Care Leather Care – 400 ML


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Brand: Shield
Type: Car Detailing Products
To be used on Cars only

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12 in stock

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• Premium Leather Restoration Formula: Shield Car Care Leather Care is a specially formulated solution designed to rejuvenate and protect your vehicle’s leather surfaces. With a premium blend of conditioners and protectants, this product penetrates deep into the leather, restoring its natural suppleness and enhancing its overall appearance.
• Comprehensive Conditioning and Protection: This 400 ML Leather Care solution offers a comprehensive approach to leather maintenance. It not only conditions the leather, preventing it from drying and cracking, but also forms a protective barrier against UV rays and environmental factors. This dual-action ensures that your vehicle’s leather surfaces remain soft, smooth, and resistant to premature aging.
• Easy Application for Lasting Results: The user-friendly design of Shield Car Care Leather Care ensures easy application, making it accessible to both automotive enthusiasts and casual users. Simply apply the solution with a soft cloth or applicator, allowing it to be absorbed by the leather. The result is a lasting luster and a protective layer that keeps your leather looking and feeling like new.
• Versatile Use on Various Leather Surfaces: Whether it’s your car’s seats, steering wheel, or interior trim, this Leather Care product is versatile and suitable for various leather surfaces. Its adaptable formula ensures consistent results, making it an essential tool for maintaining the luxurious feel and appearance of your vehicle’s interior.
• Residue-Free and Non-Greasy Finish: Say goodbye to sticky residue and greasy finishes. Shield Car Care Leather Care is formulated to provide a clean, non-greasy finish that enhances the natural beauty of your leather without attracting dust or dirt. The result is a polished and refined look that not only feels great but also repels common contaminants, extending the life of your vehicle’s leather surfaces.

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