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Shengya stainless steel ice cream scoop-1P


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Short information:

Brand: Shengya
Product type: Ice cream scoop
Size: 1P

4.00 SAR 25.00 SAR

156 in stock

• ce cream scoop the spherical spoon head designated to create the perfectly rounded scoops .
• Ice cream scooper the antifreeze handle with specially engineered heat conduction path let you enjoy the premium feeling of stainless steel under just right temperature.
• Suitable for all kind of frozen delicious, such as gelatos, sundaes, and frozen yogurts. Thanks to the premium grade steel structure and high standard quality control process, the scooper is made to be used under variety range of working conditions.
• Metal ice scoop also perfect gadget to scoop melons and other fruit, make cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, cookie doughs, butters, and more.
• Dishwasher safe as your other regular kitchen utensils.
• With the nonsticky surface, residuals can be easily removed by simple flush of water.

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