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Science 4U Slime making laboratory game


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Brand: Science4U
Type: Slime making lab
Age: +8 years
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10 in stock

    Allows them to delve into the gooey, flexible world of slime and create their own creations.
  • It combines science and fun to provide an exciting and fun educational experience.
  • The kit usually includes: Packages containing childsafe PVA glue
  • Activator solution, different food colours, measuring cups, mixing spoon
  • Small containers for storing slime, educational poster explaining the steps for making slime
  • An instruction manual or online tutorial that provides additional information about slime and how to customize it
  • Follow the instructions in the booklet/ebook to mix the glue, activator solution and preferred food color to create the slime.
  • The kit allows them to experiment with different amounts of ingredients to adjust the consistency and viscosity of the slime, and they can also add frosting or glitter for a creative touch
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