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Rexo Microfiber towel 30×30 cm – 3 pieces


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Product type: towel
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• It dries hair super fast and absorbs moisture and water from it. When hair strands are saturated with water for a long time without drying it.
• The results are negative on the health of the hair and thus become weak, brittle and easy to break.
• Hence, this towel will help keep your tresses healthy.
• Lightly dries hair without absorbing nourishing natural oils.
• The microfiber towel helps reduce the appearance of flyaways.
• The microfiber material creates a very smooth friction with the hair and thus does not cause it to break, especially from the bottom.
• This type of towel is very suitable for women with thick hair that requires nourishment and moisturizing a lot.
• The microfiber towel rids the hair of water, and preserves the oils that moisturize the strands from the depths.
• It is very suitable for those with curly hair as it does not strip the strands of nourishing oils and helps maintain the perfect wave shape without causing hair breakage.

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