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Mr. Sheen granules to remove blockages from sewers and drains – 75 grams


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Brand: Mr. Sheen
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Model number:SH1247

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10 in stock

• Mr. Plumber’s sewer and drain unclogging granules are safe for all types of pipes, including plastic, iron and copper pipes.
• It also does not contain caustic or harmful substances, making it safe for use in homes with children and pets. Mr. Plumber granules for unblocking sewers and drains provide many benefits, including:Open clogs quickly and easily
• Safe on all types of pipes. It does not contain caustic or harmful substances . easy to use .Refreshing scent
• To use Mr. Plumber’s granules to unclog drains and sewers, simply pour the appropriate amount of granules into the clogged outlet. Then, pour hot water over the granules and leave for at least 30 minutes. Next, pour hot water again until the clog is completely unclogged.
• For best results, use Mr. Plumber granules to unclog drains and sewers regularly. This will prevent dirt and grease build-up and reduce the risk of clogged drains and sewers.

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