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Mercedes Benz club vip spicy for men edt 100ML


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Brand: Mercedes Benz
Fragrance Concentration: Eau de toilette
Size: 100ML
Gender: Men

462.00 SAR

4 in stock

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    Mercedes-Benz Club VIP Spicy is a bold and spicy fragrance crafted for men, making it suitable for wear throughout all seasons. This fragrance is designed for individuals who appreciate a distinctive and invigorating scent that leaves a lasting impression.
  • The top notes of Sichuan Pepper, Coriander, and Star Anise create a spicy and aromatic opening, setting the stage for a fragrance journey that is both dynamic and captivating. This initial burst of spiciness captures attention and sets the tone for the aromatic experience that follows.
  • In the heart of the fragrance, Juniper Berries, Cardamom, and Ginger come together to form a harmonious blend of warm and spicy accords. These middle notes add depth and complexity, contributing to the overall allure of the fragrance.
  • The base notes of Teak Wood, Cashmere Wood, and Ambroxan provide a solid and lingering foundation, ensuring that the fragrance leaves a memorable and sophisticated trail. This combination of base notes adds a touch of richness and elegance to the overall composition.
  • Presented in Eau de Toilette concentration, Mercedes-Benz Club VIP Spicy offers a well-balanced and enduring fragrance experience. It’s a versatile choice for individuals who appreciate a fragrance that seamlessly transitions from day to night.


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