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Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer 03 Fair – 6.8ml


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Brand: Maybelline
Type: Eye Concealer
Size: 6.8ml
Color: 03 Fair

63.00 SAR

4 in stock

    Medium to high coverage: Maybelline New York Concealer provides medium to high coverage, which can help conceal blemishes, dark spots, and under-eye circles.
  • Lightweight and blendable formula: The concealer has a lightweight and blendable formula that feels comfortable on the skin and does not cake or crease.
  • Long-lasting wear: The concealer lasts up to 12 hours without smudging or fading.
  • Dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested: The concealer is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Hides blemishes: The medium to high coverage of Maybelline New York Concealer can help conceal blemishes, such as dark spots, acne scars, and redness.
  • Unifies skin tone: The concealer can help unify skin tone and create a more natural-looking complexion.
  • Brightens under-eye circles: The concealer can help brighten under-eye circles and make the eyes look more awake.
  • Lasts all day: The long-lasting wear of the concealer m
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