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KillyS Nail polish remover with lemon & aloe extract acetone free 150ml- 963889


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Brand : Killys
Unit count: 1 Count
Cutting: 150ML
Feature: Acetone Free

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12 in stock

• Easy to use and dries quickly within seconds.
• This product is completely safe for nails and the skin around them.
• Strengthens nails and protects them from damage or breakage.
• Leaves a beautiful scent and removes dark coatings in seconds.
• A very little amount is needed to clean all nails easily.
• Suitable for artificial and sensitive nails.
• How To Use: Get a piece of cotton and nail polish remover.
• Pour a few drops of remover into the cap and dip a cotton swab in, or pour a few drops onto the swab.
• Gently press the cotton ball soaked in the remover onto your nail.
• Then press a little on the nail and move the cotton pad towards the tips of the nails.Repeat the process on all nails.
• Repeat the process in case of stubborn stains
• Wait a few seconds for the remover to dry and then apply a moisturizer to keep your nails moisturized and soft.