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KillyS Cosmetic acetone with lanolin 150 ML- 963990


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Brand : Killys
Unit count: 1 Count
Cutting: 150ML

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12 in stock

• With the Killys degreaser, you will prepare your nails for nail art or manicure with gel polish.
• It is easy to use, removes grease from the nail plate, and ensures optimal adhesion of the gel polish base.
• Thanks to it, your manicure will be long-lasting and durable.
• Its formula is enriched with vitamin E , which has a moisturizing effect and cares for nails and cuticles.
• Give the nails the desired shape and length, using a file . Dampen a cotton pad with the degreaser and clean the nail plates.
• After that, you can proceed to make a manicure with gel polish.