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Inter-vion Hairbrush rubber handle- 499727


354 in stock

Brand: Inter-vion
Colour: Purple
Hair type: All
Form: Oval
Product type: Hair Care
Feature: Antistatic

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354 in stock

• It is ideal not only for detangling but also for quick drying of hair.
• Antistatic, double-sided, through the brush – thanks to the oblong holes in the body of the brush and flexible pins placed on both sides
• Provides effective styling of a full-volume hairstyle. Ball-tipped pins massage the scalp while detangling the hair.
• The profiled, flat, the rubberized handle makes it easy to maneuver the brush while styling your hair.
• This specific flat brush Inter-Vion is directly designed for wet and dry hair. Nice design or thorough workmanship will not go unnoticed.