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Inter-vion foot file 2 sided paper- 499765


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Short information:

Brand: Inter-vion
Color: purple
Skin type: All
Unit count: 1 pcs

8.20 SAR 10.85 SAR

24 in stock

• How to use it? Can be used for dry and wet feet. A few minutes of foot grinding can help remove dead skin and cracks in the surface.
• Microsanding your feet removes dead skin, smooths your feet, and reduces cracking. One for each person, clean and sanitary, to avoid beriberi infection.
• Easy to use, gently and easily remove foot calluses, dead skin, and cracked skin, making the foot smooth and soft; A pedicure polisher is also the perfect spa pedicure for at-home foot care.
• Lightweight design, comfortable grip, handle comfortable to hold, won’t slip from the hand, and holes, easy to hang and dry after use. Small and light, easy to carry and use when traveling.
• It’s made of polystyrene, a plastic used in many places. This is a high-quality durable material that can be used on both sides. It can be cleaned after use and can be reused for a long time.