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Inter-vion Comb with handle blue – 499844


935 in stock

Brand: Inter-vion
Colour: Blue
Hair type: All
Product type: Hair Care
Feature: Detangling bristles

4.96 SAR 6.56 SAR

935 in stock

• Intervion Hair Comb with Handle is an essential helper in the care of your hair. Suitable for owners of all hair types.
• It is antistatic, so you can say goodbye to flying hair. This specific hair comb is an ideal choice for dry and wet hair.
• You will also quickly get used to the pleasing design and thoughtful workmanship.Can speedily create volume and curly hairstyle
• In addition to the usual thinning hair that can be easily opened with a knot outside .Unique comb design can also be used to make different styling curls