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Inter-Vion bath washer massage and peeling glove- 499805


257 in stock

Brand : Inter-Vion
Skin type: All
Material: Nylon
Colour: Multicolour
Style: Glove

20.30 SAR 26.84 SAR

257 in stock

• Exfoliating and relaxing to help build healthy skin.
• Remove dull surface flakes and dead skin cell, Promote blood circulation.
• Refresh and Revitalize your body and mind by massaging away stress with these bath gloves.
• All kinds of skin fittable , Works for all skin types (especially for dry, oily, or rough skin), helps you combat acne, rashes, eczema and more.
• Don’t be afraid to moisturize if you’ve got sensitive or drier skin. Perfect for cleaning and exfoliating the neck, shoulders, feet and other areas.