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Inter-vion Artificial eyelashes individuals without glue- 498917


362 in stock

Brand : Inter-vion
Unit count: 1 Count
Color: Black
Department: Women
Target Skin Type: All Types
Made in: Poland

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362 in stock

• Black Individuals is a comfortable way to wear a lock of eyelashes from Inter Vion.
• Perfect for thickening and extending natural eyelashes. Very easy to apply.
• Extends the length of your eyelashes for a more voluminous look. The superior adhesive keeps them intact without drooping
• A little glue is placed on a small sheet of paper and the eyelashes are slightly dipped in the section that is applied to the upper eyelid in the glue.
• After that, the eyelash is fixed in one of the empty areas on the lash line of the upper eyelid to fill the space.
• This same step is repeated for all individual eyelashes until the empty areas of the eyelashes are filled. Leave it a few minutes to dry.