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Hasbro Jenga Gold Cubes


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Brand: Hasbro
Type: Jenga Gold game
Age: +6 years
Material: safe plastic
Quantity: 54 pieces

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10 in stock

    The gameplay of Jenga Gold is very similar to the original Jenga.
  • Players build a tower by stacking three cubes each turn, alternating between horizontal and vertical levels.
  • Players choose a cube from anywhere in the tower (except the level they just played or the next) and place it on top.
  • When a player removes a gold cube, they must complete a task listed on the attached card before placing the cube on top.
  • Golden cubes add an element of unpredictability to the game, making it more exciting and challenging.
  • It encourages social interaction and participation, as players must complete tasks in front of others.
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