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Finish Dishwasher Freshener – 0.17 Ounce


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Short information:

Product type: Dishwasher Freshener
Size:0.17 Ounce
Use: 60 washes

12.00 SAR

653 in stock

• When you load the dishwasher with dirty dishes, the smell will build up inside your machine and be carried through the washes. Try a dishwasher freshener. It will leave your dishwasher smelling clean and fresh without leaving a strong smell on the dishes.
• Dishwasher freshener does not contain chemicals that can harm the skin. Safe to use around your food.
• Dishwasher soap or dishwasher soap does not affect or cause damage to the dishwasher.
• It gives a very strong dishwasher scent that is better than other dishwasher fresheners.
• Finish does not leave traces or stains on plates or cups.
• The dishwasher freshener is also distinguished by its distinctive design, which makes it easy to hang in the dishwasher.

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