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Ao Xie Toys Sewing machine and iron toy


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Short information:

Brand: Ao Xie Toys
Type: Sewing machine and iron toy
Age: +3 years
Material: safe plastic
Power: battery

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10 in stock

    The toy has a realistic design and a variety of features that can help you learn to sew and care for clothes.
  • The game includes a realistic sewing machine and iron,The sewing machine can be used to create clothes and other things.
  • They can use the iron to iron clothes and other things to make them clean and tidy.
  • The game helps develop their fine motor skills, creative skills and knowledge of the world around them.
  • Children can use the game to learn more about sewing, caring for clothes and the importance of keeping them clean.
  • Start by showing children how to use a sewing machine and iron.
  • Encourage them to use the game to create their own clothes and objects.
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