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Lavarov Laundry Gel Detergent Oriental Waves – 2L


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Brand : Lavarov
Product : Laundy Gel Detergent
Type : Oriental Waves
Product size : 2L

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8 in stock

    Strong laundry detergent that removes tough stains and leaves your clothes clean and stain-free
  • The detergent contains active ingredients that work to break down the molecules of stains, making them easier to remove.
  • The detergent can remove a variety of tough stains, including food, drink, and oil stains, as well as ink, mud, and blood stains.
  • The detergent leaves clothes clean and stain-free, making them look new again.
  • Liquid, making it penetrate into clothes and remove stains without leaving any residue
  • The detergent has a liquid formula, making it easy to penetrate into clothes.
  • This helps to remove stains from the inside out, ensuring that the stains are completely removed.
  • The detergent does not leave any residue on clothes, making them soft and fresh.
  • Removes unpleasant odors from clothes and leaves them with a fresh scent that lasts for a long time
  • The detergent contains ingredients that work to remove unpleasant odors from clothes.
  • The detergent leaves clothes with a fresh scent that lasts for a long time.
  • This scent helps to mask unpleasant odors from clothes, making them look more attractive.
  • Gentle on fabrics, so it doesn’t damage them
  • The detergent contains ingredients that are gentle on fabrics.
  • The detergent does not damage fabrics, even delicate fabrics.
  • This helps to keep clothes in good condition for a long time.
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