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WT-66 Smart Watch


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Product type: an hour
Model: WT-66
Color: black and gray

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100 in stock

    The WT-66 watch is one of the modern mobile electronic devices that are very popular at the present time.

  • Smart watches are a multi -use tool and provide many smart features that make it important and necessary for many users in their daily lives.
  • Smart watches help to track physical activity, as they can measure the number of steps cut daily, measure the cut distance, and the number of lost calories.
  • He managed to accurately measure the heart rate, which is very useful for those who want to monitor their heart health.
  • You display notifications from your smartphone, such as text messages, calls, email and other notifications.
  • Enable the quality and duration of sleep, and provide daily, weekly and monthly reports on your sleep.
  • A comfortable and lightweight design, making it the perfect watch for daily wear and sports activities.
  • It is available in water and dust resistance, which makes it suitable for use during sports activities and exercises.
  • The WT-66 watch features a variety of great and useful features, and is a good choice for people who need a reliable and practical digital watch for daily use.
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