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Vitastiq Measuring Device


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Brand: Vitastiq
Dimensions : 146 x 18 mm.

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• Vitastiq is an innovative software device that measures vitamins and minerals in the user’s body and reveals the dynamics of their content.
• The device provides information on 26 essential nutrients and their natural sources.
• The ability to selfdiagnose anytime, anywhere.
• Detailed instructions for quick and easy measurements.
• Noninvasive, painless measurement method.
• Wireless connection for reliable instant feedback.
• A modern device made of high quality and durable materials.
• Clear user application.
• Perfect size for a comfortable fit.
• Used without age restrictions.
• The device is made of stainless steel.
• Download the free Vitastiq app.
• Create your profile, choose from an inapp list of vitamins and minerals, or create your own list for tracking and analysis. Set your profile.
• You can create multiple profiles, for example, for your friends or family members if they want to use the device.
• Prepare for the measurement for the most effective measurement, the contact points on the body should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
• Find the desired point and touch it with the tip of the Vitastiq as shown in the picture. By touching the corresponding points, you can measure vitamin by vitamin, mineral by mineral.

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