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Sondos The Holy Quran for children Sheikh AlMinshawi


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Brand: Sondos
Description: Teaching the Holy Quran
Sheikh: Muhammad Siddiq AlMinshawi
Target group: + 2 years
Material type: Plastic
Objective: to memorize verses easily
Featured: Children chanting
Power: battery

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10 in stock

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    Sondos presents a special and distinctive edition of the Quran designed specifically for children, featuring the beautiful recitation of Sheikh AlMinshawi.
  • This edition provides a unique experience for children to explore and understand the holy book in an inspiring and enjoyable way.
  • Sondos is distinguished by the unique recitation of Sheikh AlMinshawi, whose exceptional performance combines beauty and impact.
  • His warm and clear voice contributes to making the recitation of the Quran an inspirational auditory experience for children.
  • Sondos features an appealing visual design, where beautiful illustrations harmonize artistically with the Quranic text.
  • This design allows children to better understand the Quranic stories and concepts, encouraging them to continue reading.
  • Sondos offers simplified and understandable Quranic texts specifically tailored for children.
  • The language is adapted to suit their comprehension, stimulating them to reflect on and contemplate the meanings of the Quran.
  • Sondos includes additional educational materials such as vocabulary lists and interactive questions that help children expand their understanding of the Quran.
  • This aspect allows children to maximize the benefits of their educational experience.
  • Sondos encourages children to interact with the content through thoughtprovoking questions and educational challenges.
  • The aim is to promote effective participation and enhance interaction with religious concepts.
  • Sondos has been developed in collaboration with a team of educators and interpreters to ensure educational and religious accuracy.
  • This allows parents and teachers to trust the quality of the content and its educational impact.
  • Sondos Children’s Quran with Sheikh AlMinshawi’s Recitation is a distinctive edition that brings children closer to the book of Allah in an educational and inspirational manner.
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