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Sondos Numbers Mat Play and Learn


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Brand: Sondos
Description: Numbers mat
Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 7 cm
Weight: 1.59 kg
Age: +3 years

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10 in stock

    Sondos Numbers Mat offers a unique and fun learning experience for children, combining play and learning in an innovative way.
  • This rug is an interesting educational tool that aims to enhance children’s understanding of numbers and develop their mathematical skills in a creative way.
  • The number mat comes with an attractive design that uses bright colors and attractive images to make the learning process interesting and inspiring.
  • Illustrations enhance children’s understanding and stimulate their desire to explore numbers.
  • The number mat promotes playful learning, including interactive activities and educational games.
  • It encourages children to actively participate and interact with the content in a fun way.
  • The mat presents numbers in an innovative way, which contributes to making the learning process interesting.
  • Includes creative ways to understand relationships between numbers and apply them in everyday life.
  • The number mat provides audio interaction that adds an extra dimension to the learning experience.
  • Children can listen to instructions and illustrative sounds that reinforce their understanding of numbers.
  • The mat enhances children’s math skills, from counting to addition and subtraction.
  • Children are encouraged to gradually improve their mathematical abilities.
  • The number mat encourages social interaction and can be used for group play
  • The number mat is easy to use and can be used in homes and schools
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