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Sofy soft pads with wings – Large


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Product type: Sanitary pads for women
Size: large maxi compressed
Quantity: 30 pads

12.00 SAR

Out of stock

• Large Wings Towels are uniquely and modernly designed so that women can easily fit them in their bags while on the go.
• Made of vivid, safe, superabsorbent, highquality Japanese technology.
• Sofy pads for women have a soft cotton feel, gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic.
• It has unique side rails to prevent leakage. It molds to the body to give you flexibility as you move.
• Sofy menstrual pads are used during menstruation, to prevent leakage and provide complete comfort and safety,
• with a larger size and free increase, and an ideal design that suits and preserves sensitive skin.
• Made of high quality material with a soft cotton feel with double barriers to prevent leakage.
• Ensures hygiene, safety and good health without any worries. The origin of the name “Sofi” has the meaning “developed” and “soft heart”.

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