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Smart Watch Sport against water


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Product type: sports watch
Color: black, gray iron
Battery capacity: 320mah
Shipping time: about 2h
Continuous work time: about 7-8 hours
Work time: 7-10 days

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100 in stock

    A smart watch anti -water watch is an important tool for athletes, as it provides many advantages that help improve sporting performance and fitness as it can monitor daily sports activity, thus determining the level of activity and determining personal goals.
  • Provide a waterproof level, allowing the athlete to do sports training in water, such as swimming.
  • It monitors the heart rate, and this helps to improve physical fitness and control sports activity.
  • Supports all the languages ​​you want to use
  • It allows athletes to track daily sporting activity, such as the number of walking steps, cut distance and calories consumed.
  • It allows contact with a smartphone, and this helps to receive notifications, respond to calls, and make many other tasks.
  • It is characterized by durability and hardness, and this makes it more able to withstand the harsh conditions that athletes are exposed to, such as shocks and vibrations.
  • It is also characterized by ease of use and operation, and this makes it ideal for use during sports exercises.
  • In addition, many different types and models are available, and athletes can choose the type that suits its needs and budget.
  • Improving performance and fitness, encourages continuing sports exercises and achieving personal goals.
  • You can track sports activity without having to carry their smartphones or other devices, providing comfort and ease of use.
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