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KillyS nail file paper banana shape 180/240 grit- 963782


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Brand : KillyS
Unit count: 1 Count
Color: Black
Material: Foam & paper
Shape: Rounded .
Roughness: 180/240
Made in: Poland

9.96 SAR 13.16 SAR

403 in stock

• Double-sided file for modeling, shortening and filing of natural nails and tips.
• The fine-grained side (180) will work on shaping and smoothing the edge of the tile
• While the coarse-grained (240) will help you file the previous nail styling and model the thicker tile.
• The half-round shape makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach places at the edges of the nail by eliminating skin irritations.
• The product is made of the highest quality Japanese paper, which does not stick or split.
• The material, galvanized eight times with the latest technology, ensures long-lasting sharpness and the best product quality.