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KillyS Artificial eyelashes Peony- 500403


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Brand : KillyS
Type: Eye Lashes
Unit count: 1 count
Item weight: 0.2

18.69 SAR 24.72 SAR

466 in stock

• False eyelashes on a strip from Inter-Vion. They perfectly emphasize the shape of the eye, giving it a unique density and captivating appearance.
• They fit seamlessly to the eyelid line and blend in perfectly with natural hair. Their additional advantage is that they are very light, quick, and easy to apply.
• They are available in several variants, thanks to which they will allow you to create makeup for every occasion. Designed for multiple uses.
• Now you can start gluing the eyelashes by applying them to the middle part of the eyelid, as close as possible to the natural eyelash line using tweezers or a special applicator.
• Then glue the eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye, and then to the inner corner and gently press the whole thing.