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Kemei Dry Hair Trimmer For Men Grey – Km-609


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Brand : Kemei
Number of Speed Settings : 2
Model Number : km-609
Targeted Group : Men
Number of Heads : 6
Operating Function : Dry
Type : Hair Trimmer

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1200 in stock

    The kemei km-609 hair trimmer clipper is a unisex hair trimming device for both men and women. It is available with multiple heads for various types of shaving and trimming that will give you a smooth and perfect hair clipping and hair trimming.
  • The various types of heads will give various trimming and clipping. The device comes with the chargeable batteries and a charger with the hair trimmer. 1 mm precision the sharp hair trimmer is made up with the steel blades that give you an exact precision so that you get a perfectly smooth shave.
  • You can adjust the length of the head in order to adjust the length of the hair you are to trim. Easy grip the kemei km-609 hair trimmer clipper is available with a smooth grip to hold it. You can use the trimmer for a longer time without getting any ache in your hand.
  • Holding with the gripyou can move the trimmer smoothly over your face. Easy to select and lock-in length there are multiple heads available with this professional hair trimmer. You can select the proper head and can fix the length of the hairs to be trimmed.
  • After selecting the proper head and fixing the length you can lock in the head so that you get a hassle shave and trimming. Powerful and efficient batteries kemei km-609 hair trimmer clipper is available with the 600 mah aa rechargeable battery.
  • The time taken to recharge this battery is five hours. You can use this efficient hair trimmer for a longer duration after charging it fully. As it has the rechargeable batteryyou do not need to worry about the cord while shaving.
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning the kemei km-609 hair trimmer clipper comes along with the detachable heads. While you shave or trim your hairsthe small hairs get stuck in your machine.
  • To clean the hairtrimmer you need to remove the head for easy and comfortable cleaning of your device. Other important features this kemei km-609 hair trimmer clipper is available with the auto over.
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