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Inter-Vion Make-up brush for eyeshadows blender gloosy – 415868


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Brand: Inter-Vion
Color: Pink
Skin type: All
Product type: Beauty
Unit count: 1 pcs

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19 in stock

• Inter-Vion Golden Glow eyeshadows blender brush High-quality brush in the most fashionable rose gold color.
• Dense synthetic bristles do not irritate even the most delicate skin.
• Designed for the application of powder (loose or pressed) on the face and neckline.
• Extends the durability of makeup without leaving the excess powder on the face! The complexion is matte, and smooth with an even color!
• Combination of feminine rose shade and professional shape of bristles. High-quality, dense, synthetic bristles, which don’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.
• Exceptional cone-shaped handle with UV coating. Thanks to these brushes you will create a bright and stunning make-up.