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Incense House Bukhoor Small Black


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Product: Incense Bukhoor
Brand: Other
Size: small.
Black Color.

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100 in stock

    A small household swimar is a device used to spread perfumes in the air in a continuous way, and it usually works by adding drops of essential oils in water inside the fragrance, and essential oils evaporate with the heat of light, movement, or the fan integrated into the fragrance, which results in a distinctive aromatic smell at home.
  • It gives a distinctive aromatic smell at home and hides unpleasant odors from it.
  • Improving mood and creating an atmosphere of relaxation and calm, as the necessary essential oils can be used for that.
  • Improving air quality inside the home, as some essential oils are used to purify the air and reduce pollution in general.
  • Promoting public health, as some essential oils are used to stimulate immunity, relieve stress and improve sleep.
  • Provide relaxation and calm in crowded places, such as offices and commercial centers.
  • It works to provide a distinctive atmosphere for special occasions, such as weddings, parties and religious occasions.
  • Provide psychological comfort and relaxation for people who suffer from anxiety, stress and depression.
  • It has many options available to choose from, as many different essential oils can be used to meet personal needs and preferences.
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