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Incense Bukhoor Small Black


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Product: Incense Bukhoor
Black Color
Size: small

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100 in stock

    An Insence is a device used to spread perfumes in the air. Perfumers usually consist of a base that contains a heat source, such as a small lamp or a candle, and a small bowl that contains perfume or essential oil. The heat in the source is heated for the perfume that evaporates and spreads in the air.
  • Made of high-quality materials and materials with good efficiency in frequent use on a daily basis without being affected.
  • Add a beautiful and refreshing smell, and improve the atmosphere surrounding the place.
  • Improving mood and psychological comfort, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Also improve air quality, as natural essential oils that contain anti-bacterial and bacterial properties can be used.
  • Provide space on shelves, where aromatic eclipse can be used as an elegant decoration at home.
  • Save money, where essential oils can be used instead of artificial perfumes that cost more.
  • Ease of use and cleaning, as your favorite essential oil can be added to the incense and operation.
  • Aromatic incense is used in homes, offices and public places to give a beautiful and refreshing smell to the air. It can also be used on special occasions to create a suitable and refreshing atmosphere.
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