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Incense Bukhoor BK-18


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Product: Incense Bukhoor
Model: BK – 18
Size: small

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100 in stock

    The BK-18 Cross is one of the famous aromatic evaporators, and it is a small device used to spread perfumes in the air.
  • It contains a natural wood base with a bowl made of high -quality materials with good efficiency in use, making it look elegant and modern.
  • With a small and appropriate size, which makes it easy to carry and storage, and can be placed on the table or shelves.
  • Your favorite essential oil can be added to the glass bowl, and the incense is run by connecting it to the power source.
  • It works silently, making it ideal for use in quiet places such as bedrooms.
  • It comes with the advantage of automatic closure, as the Occupation stops working automatically after a certain period to avoid operating it for a long time and providing energy.
  • It can be used in homes, offices and public places to give a beautiful and refreshing smell, and improve the atmosphere around the place. This device is available at varying prices according to the quality and materials used in its manufacture.
  • You can offer it as a special gift for loved ones and friends on happy occasions and holidays.
  • You can use it at parties, social events, official parties and celebrations to give a pleasant and pleasant smell throughout the place.
  • You can vaporize clothes, furniture and fabrics to stay for a long time with a great smell.
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