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Gamala Bukhoor Incense


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Product: Incense Bukhoor
Brand: Other
Black Color.
Size: small.

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100 in stock

    Jumana’s incense burner is a device used to burn incense and empty smoke resulting from it to perfume places.
  • It is a small bowl that is usually made of pottery or porcelain that contains charcoal or vegetable coal and a piece of incense is placed on it.
  • Providing a beautiful and refreshing aromatic smell at home, and is considered effective in hiding unpleasant odors.
  • Provide an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, and can be used in homes, offices, public places, as well as in the car.
  • Promoting mental and moral health, as the natural perfumes used in the incense have many benefits on mental and moral health, such as improving mood and relieving anxiety and depression.
  • Providing an atmosphere of spirituality and drawing closer to God Almighty, as it is used in many religious activities and events.
  • Ease of use and cleaning, as it requires an incense of Jumana just putting charcoal, incense and charcoal lighting, and the remains of the ash can be eliminated easily.
  • Providing multiple decorative options, as the incense comes with different designs, shapes and sizes, allowing users to customize the experience of use according to their personal tastes.
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