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Drun in the form of a ball


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The product: Drun in the form of a ball
Made material: reinforced plastic.

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100 in stock

    Drums are characterized by a ball in many features, including stability, protection, the ability to fly in narrow places, speed, accurate control, and the ability to fly in the air and water.
  • It provides multiple uses in many different areas and industries.
  • It is characterized by high stability, as it can maintain its balance independently thanks to its spherical design.
  • This makes it suitable for air imaging, monitoring and other tasks that require stability.
  • It provides additional protection for the interior, and can help reduce damage that can occur to the Dron in the event of collision or other accidents.
  • The ability to fly in narrow places and hard -to -reach places in another way.
  • This makes it suitable for use in urban and industrial areas and hard -to -reach places.
  • It has a high speed, and this makes him able to carry out tasks faster and more efficient.
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