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Beauty Toys Kitchen Tool Bag 008966A


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Brand: Beauty Toys
Type: Kitchen tools bag
Age: + 4 years
Material: safe plastic
Weight: 971 g

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10 in stock

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    Using the included tools and cooking ingredients, kids can roleplay chefs and prepare delicious dishes.
  • They can use a knife to cut vegetables and fruits, and use a fork and spoon to scoop food
  • Use cooking utensils to cook food, and use measuring tools to find out the correct amounts of ingredients.
  • They can also use food ingredients to create their own dishes, and use food decorating tools to beautify dishes.
  • Develop their fine motor skills through the use of small cooking utensils.
  • Enhance their creative and expressive skills by creating new dishes.
  • Strengthen their selfconfidence by having fun trying something new and discovering new hobbies.
  • Improve their social skills through pretend play with friends and family.
  • Spend fun and useful time away from screens.
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