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Amalfi Foods Fluffy Chocolate Pancake Sandwich – 150gm


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Brand: Amalfi Foods
Pieces of cake: 5Pcs
weight of pieces: 30gm

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Out of stock

• Treat yourself to delectable sweetness by snacking on the Amalfi Foods Fluffy Chocolate Sandwich Pancakes.
• They are the perfect goto snacks for any occasion.
• The Chocolate filling is enveloped by pancakes for a sweet sandwichlike dessert.
• The soft and spongy pancakes melt in your mouth with every bite and make way for the creamy Chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
• They are delicately baked to ensure a soft and fluffy texture.
• You can serve these pancakes as a postmeal dessert or as teatime snacks.

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