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Air Wick Automatic Fragrance Dispenser – White


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Product type: Automatic Fragrance Dispenser
Units: 500 ML
Power source: Battery operated

12.00 SAR

971 in stock

• The invigorating fragrance atomizer is suitable for Air Wick freshener and thanks to the battery operation and different scent intensity, it automatically guarantees a pleasant aroma to the apartment
• Allows you to create a pleasant feeling of freshness in every room and every day using natural essential oils.
• Room odor lasts up to 70 days odor emits in three time intervals that you can set yourself: 9, 18 and 36 minutes / for rooms with persistent odor
• Quick and easy change to refill: simply unscrew the screw, remove the top of the auto air freshener and insert a new atomizer
• Compatible with most devices on the market / With odor prevention technology
• Pressurized container hazard: may explode if heated. A highly flammable aerosol.
• Contains hexylcinnamaldehyde. An allergic reaction may occur.

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