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2 in 1 Prasoix 8 Ultra Smart Watch Orange, Innjoo Power bank E6 Gold


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Brand 1: Prasonx
Product type: wrist watch
Size: 45
Color: orange
Screen size: 2.0 inches

Brand 2:Innjoo
Type: Power Bank
Model: E6

93.00 SAR 215.00 SAR

100 in stock

• Prasoix 8 Ultra Smart Watch:
• The 2-in-1 Prasoix 8 Ultra Smart Watch Orange offers a distinctive and beautiful design that closely resembles the Ultra watch.
• It features a full HD screen with IPS and RGB technology for high color accuracy. The watch supports a wireless charger and also includes Siri voice assistant for convenient voice commands.
• One of its unique features is the ability to measure body temperature, which can be particularly useful for health monitoring.
• It also supports making and receiving calls, and you can receive notifications from your social media accounts directly on the watch. Additionally, you can play audio clips with HD sound quality.
• The watch offers various functions for daily use, such as a mobile search feature, calendar, movement tracking, and weather conditions with a three-day forecast.
• It also includes health monitoring features like heart rate measurement, blood oxygen level measurement, and blood pressure measurement. All the recorded data can be saved in the accompanying application.
• The watch is equipped with NFC technology, allowing you to use it as a smart entry code for compatible smart lock doors.
• You can customize the watch by choosing from multiple backgrounds or using any background or image from your mobile device.
• Other features include sleep monitoring, reminders to drink water, reminders to avoid prolonged sitting, step counting, breath control, emergency call, and a “Do Not Disturb” mode.
• You can easily unlock the screen by raising your wrist and adjust the brightness as per your preference.
• The watch provides haptic feedback through vibrations, and it can also act as a remote control for TikTok and YouTube clips on your mobile device.
• To enhance security, the watch allows you to set a password lock. It also has the ability to set the time and date directly through the watch itself.
• You can even use the watch to remotely control your mobile device’s camera for photography. Additionally, there is a calculator and the ability to add contacts directly to the watch.
• Overall, the 2-in-1 Prasoix 8 Ultra Smart Watch Orange offers a comprehensive range of features that combine style, convenience, and functionality.

• Innjoo Power bank:
• Innjoo Power Power Bank The world-class chipset is optimized for charging efficiency with an improved charging convention rate.
• E6 is more durable than other power banks with stable discharging voltage.
• E6 is designed with safety, protection, and efficiency in mind, so you can keep your devices away from any damage.
• The same technology of the Macbook Pro surface, the compression, water, and corrosion-resistant surface is rigidly designed for everyday use.
• Power Bank E6 will automatically adjust the output power based on your smart devices, even some digital cameras.
• Gaming the world without worrying about battery exhaustion.bank E6 – Gold

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